New Orleans by Night

Life is just an illusion…

White Wolf

White Wolf is the basis of our roleplay storyline in a Free Form Style. For more information on the different table top LARPs, click the icon above.


To understand the roleplay is to understand its history. This story was started back in 2004 and has seen some interesting developments.

Second Life

We’ve taken our roleplay to the metaverse of Second Life. Its free to join and fun to play. Come join us! Click the icon to learn more.


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Nerise ƒaNg

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Nerise ƒaNg
    Nerise ƒaNg


    I was involved in a storyline called Realm USA. When that ended I started my own storyline called France by Night. Thats when I found Darien and gave him his character. We played for a few years and I have recently returned with cameos of the twins mother.

    Ðarien Z. ƒaNg
      Ðarien Z. ƒaNg

      Founder & Master Storyteller

      I started roleplaying with Nerise back in 1998 when she approached me to roleplay. The story then transitioned into New Orleans by Night when I in turn found Caresse and she breathed life into that character.

      Caresse G. ƒaNg
        Caresse G. ƒaNg


        Ace Dumois
          Ace Dumois

          Assistant Storyteller

          I met Darien when he became an honorary patch of Les Miserables MC in France, no doubt. I’m rather young to the storytelling / roleplaying scene and am truly honored to be included as one of the family now.

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